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Our Criminal Law Solicitors in Leeds that have been successfully defending alleged criminals for over 40 years for all types of crimes. We provide a 24 HOUR emergency service for those who have been arrested and are in detention at a police station. We will provide prompt help, advice and attendance. This is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are involved with a criminal law case, you need to think long and hard about hiring an experienced criminal law solicitor in Leeds. While some cases can and will work out better than others, an experienced criminal law solicitor will be able to give you the advice and guidance you are looking for in this trying time of your life.

Sugaré & Co have been defending alleged criminals for over 40 years for all types of crimes. Our goal is simple - to continue striving to be the best criminal defence solicitors in Leeds, by preparing our clients' cases excellently so that they have the best possible chance of a not-guilty verdict.

Sugaré & Co strongly believes in the British judicial system and believes that everyone deserves the best defence possible. Sugaré & Co feels very strongly that without qualified criminal defence solicitors the British judicial system would crumble. 

Sugaré & Co vows to defend all alleged criminals to the very best of our ability to ensure that every client of ours receives the quality of defence they are entitled to under the British judicial system.

Our reputation in this area is built on working hard for our clients and ensuring that no stone is left unturned in challenging a prosecution case and building a solid defence.

We deal with criminal cases at all levels including at the:-

  • Police station
  • Magistrates' court
  • Crown court
  • Court of appeal
  • Supreme court

Legal Aid

We hold a General Criminal Contract with the Legal Aid Agency. We will always advise you as to your eligibility for public funding.

  • Legal advice and assistance is available for free if you are under arrest at a police station, or attending a police station for interview under caution.
  • Public funding is available at the magistrates' court (subject to means testing).
  • Public funding is available at the crown court.
  • If in your particular circumstances public funding is not available, or you choose to instruct us privately, we offer competitive rates, and are happy to discuss our fees with you.

The most frightening part of being prosecuted is the unknown. You want answers. At Sugaré & Co we pride ourselves on keeping our clients well informed about their criminal case. When you have questions, we will provide the answers.

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