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The breakdown of marriage is listed as one of the most stressful things that we can experience in life. Our divorce solicitors have many years of experience between them to ensure that you receive appropriate advice and practical support during this difficult time, no matter what your situation. We have represented clients in disputes over assets ranging between £5,000- £1 million. We can advise on how to get divorced, the timescale, cost, the implications for financial arrangements and also any children's care.


Divorce is the legal process that brings a marriage to an end and this process is dealt with in the county court. For couples living in England and Wales any county court can be used to start divorce proceedings. Most couples choose to start proceedings in the county court most local to them.


To get a divorce you must have been married for at least 1 year and must fulfil certain criteria.


For further details about the Divorce Criteria & Process


In divorce you will deal with the marital assets. Most divorces involve:

  • a marital home which is either jointly owned or owned in the name of one of the couple
  • pensions that have accrued during the marriage
  • maintenance issues between the couple and for any children
  • any savings or debts.

For further details as to how the Court works out who gets what


Arrangements for children also have to be considered within any divorce proceedings. If there are children of the relationship the county court will require that a form is completed to set out those arrangements. Often these have been dealt with already by agreement and the completion of the form can be relatively straightforward. Where there is a dispute between parents further advice may be required. If there is disagreement between parents about children arrangements these can be resolved through legal advice, mediation or court proceedings. Our divorce solicitors are successful at advising and assisting in resolving children arrangements.


For further details as to how the Court determines children disputes


The quickest timescale for obtaining a divorce is between 3-4 months and this is because there is a six week court imposed block within the process. In cases where parties are able to come to an understanding relatively quickly and to assist the lawyers in moving the process forward without a delay we find that an average divorce may take between 4-6 months. 

We are able to provide you with a quote for a fixed cost of the divorce and to provide you with a costs estimate for dealing with any financial settlement or children issues. Our divorce fees for an undefended divorce are from as little as £199.00.

We offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION which many of our clients find useful to gather further information about the divorce process, the particular issues of the case and an initial view on likely outcomes.

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