Matthew Dobkin

Family & Education Law Barrister

Matthew is a Barrister specialising in all aspects of family law and education law, including proceedings relating to children and between married and unmarried couples.

Matthew has vast experience fighting for his clients in divorce, care proceedings, contact and residency cases, and education tribunals. He has appeared in numerous complex and lengthy cases and has represented clients throughout the country.

Financial disputes between married and unmarried couples

In-depth knowledge of:

  • Business, investment and property assets
  • Low/medium/high incomes
  • Pensions, trusts and inheritance
  • Disclosure/hiding of assets
  • Appeals and enforcement

Children proceedings

Extensive experience where there has been:

  • Complex medical evidence
  • An international element
  • Injuries to/death of a child
  • Long-standing disputes
  • Abduction

Education tribunals

Has undertaken several tribunals with:

  • Highly specialised and complex needs
  • Challenging schools
  • Multiple expert witnesses
  • Complex medical evidence
  • Social care considerations

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys relaxing with his family and participating in sporting activities.

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