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Sugare & Co Solicitors in Leeds have a vast wealth of experience in negotiating the best possible arrangements for children, whether this be in relation to residence and contact disputes, also known as custody disputes, taking a child abroad, moving the children to live elsewhere, financial provision or any other consideration for children.

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Child Custody

The Court will only need to be involved in deciding arrangements for children if there is a dispute that cannot be resolved via negotiation. There are different types of orders that the Court can make, depending on the circumstances. These include:

Child Arrangements Orders

This is an order that determines who a child lives with, at what times, and who the child spends time with. They are the most common type of order that the Court makes. This term used to be known as residence and contact orders.

Specific Issue Order

These orders are made to resolve specific disputes between parents who share parental responsibility. Examples of these orders include whether a child should have an emergency operation, which school a child should attend or taking a child to live abroad.

Prohibited Steps Order

This kind of order prevents an individual from taking actions that they would otherwise reasonably be able to take. Examples of these orders prevent someone from removing a child from a parents care or preventing them taking the child out of the jurisdiction.

The Process

To try to sort out custody disputes, one of our specialist family law solicitors would initially see you at our office for a free initial consultation.  We will then often write a detailed letter to the other parent or their legal representative putting forward your proposals and seek to persuade them that these proposals should be accepted.

We will also refer the case to mediation (a pre requisite to going to Court in most circumstances) to see whether you can agree matters yourselves. This route will hopefully keep costs low. An agreement can then be drafted if an agreement is reached.

If an agreement can’t be reached, we will swiftly instigate court proceedings on your behalf. It usually takes about 6 weeks for a Court hearing to take place unless there is an emergency situation.

At Court, our skilful solicitors will make representations on your behalf. Our family law solicitors have been doing these types of cases for a long time and know the best points to put forward and what not to say. Most cases can conclude at the first hearing with the assistance of CAFCASS.

For further information as to the Court process and how the judge decides the case, please click here.


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Social Services Involvement

There may be unfortunate circumstances when social services become involved with your child(ren). We understand that these can be an extremely stressful situations and it is important that you obtain quality advice straight away.

Please visit our Care Proceedings page for further information about this complex area.

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The solicitors within Sugare & Co's dedicated family law department advise our clients of the options available and guides you through the complex and emotive area of Children Law. We are committed to giving our clients high quality advice and representation and we will always fight your corner. We handle cases sensitively and in the strictest of confidence.

Our priority is ensuring that a fair agreement is reached, both quickly and efficiently. Whatever your family law questions, we are sure we can help you find the answers.

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