Changing a Child's Name

Sugare & Co can assist parents to change their child's name and there are various options in order to try to do this.

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How Does the Court Decide About a Change of Name?

The court’s main consideration in hearing this matter would be to determine whether it would be in the best interests of the child for their name to be changed.

In coming to this decision, the court will consider the following factors;

  • The registered surname of the child and the reasons for this i.e. biological link with the child’s father,
  • Factors that could arise in the future,
  • A change of circumstances of the child since registration of their name at birth,
  • If both parties were married to each other, there would have to be particularly strong reasons to change the surname given to the child by their father.
  • If both parties were not married, resulting in the mother having control over registration, the court would have to consider the level of commitment of the father to the child, whether contact occurred and the quality of it, and whether the father possessed parental responsibility.

In making a successful application, one must have evidence that a change in name would result in an improvement in your child’s welfare. An application cannot be made for selfish reasons.

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