Representation at the Magistrates' Court and Crown Court

If you have been charged by the police for a criminal offence, or have received a summons to court in the post, call our specialist Magistrates and Crown Court solicitors on 0113 244 6978 or 07831 397786 (24 HOUR HELPLINE) or contact us via our online form.

The idea of going to court can be daunting for many people, but our highly experienced team of expert criminal law solicitors can be on hand to help you with every step of the way. All criminal offences begin in the Magistrates’ Court and 95% of cases are resolved at this level. The remaining 5% of cases are sent to the Crown Court. At Sugare & Co. we have a highly experienced in-house advocacy team to assist you through the process.

Being represented by Sugare & Co.

We can do work through our legal aid contracts with the Legal Aid Agency. Legal aid is means tested, but work can also be undertaken on a fixed-fee private paying basis. You can find out if you qualify for legal aid by checking the legal aid calculator.

Whatever the enquiry we are ready to assist you via our 24 hour helpline. If you have been charged or summonsed to court with an offence, contact our specialist solicitors on 0113 244 6978 or 07831 397786 (24 hour helpline) or contact us via our online form, and see how we can help you at this crucial time.